APIdaze API Reference

  • XML Scripting API

    Set the URL where we fetch XML instructions to run on our platform, write your various scripts there using our Script Reference doc, and test them directly here.

  • Call Management API

    Get the list and details of your active calls, re-route them to another XML script live, place a call, send an SMS, send a fax from here.


    Manage your phone numbers, connect directly with other SIP carriers (inbound and outbound), manage your SIP accounts, voicemail boxes and messages, provision your hardphones.

  • Billing API

    Set the URL where we'll put your CDRs (Call Detail Records), so you can retrieve them live. Manage Billing Accounts and charge calls to your end customers and the rate your decide.

  • Miscellaneous API

    Store your media files directly at APIDAZE so you can play them without having us fetching them over HTTP. You can also just validate your API keys and secrets here.